Diya Aur Baati Hum -14th February 2012 Episode
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Bhabhoo agrees to Soorajs decision & instructs Mohit to work at his shop. Sooraj instructs Mohit to deliver the sweets. Sandhya asks Sooraj to rethink on his decision of making Mohit work at his shop. Sooraj explains to her that Mohit will recognize his mistake & will start looking for a used job. Vikram tries to provoke Bhabhoo against Sandhya but fails. Sandhya cuts some job ads from the newspaper for Mohit. Mohit decides to look for a job & tells Chhavi about it. Bhabhoo rethinks about her decision to take Sooraj & Sandhya to the marriage ceremony.Sandhya requests Sooraj not to tell Bhabhoo about Mohit’s lies. Bhabhasa reminds Bhabhoo about the marriage of some distant relative which they must attend. They also asks her if Sooraj & Sandhya can accompany them. Bhabhoo gets angry & refuses to take Sandhya along with them. Meenakshi misunderstands Vikram ‘s scoldings leading her to reveal the truth but they manages to cease herself. Sandhya serves food for Bhabhasa which irks Bhabhoo. Sooraj witnesses the whole scene & returns to the shop without having lunch. Sandhya takes lunch for him but they refuses to entertain her & tells that matter has got worse because of her.